What kind of party to organize

Party in the style of “Agent 007”

Thinking how to organize a party full of secrets and mysteries? Have a spy holiday in the style of James Bond! Organize an interesting detective quest – you can order it from professionals or prepare it yourself. Show your imagination – “steal” one of your friends so that others can find him. Leave clues in the corners of the loft in advance, quietly pass the secret codes to each of the guests. Let the dress code be official: business suits for men and elegant black dresses for girls. All guests can be given hats and sunglasses, as well as toy guns.

Treats at a spy party can be anything, the main thing is to decorate the table in style. Champagne pyramids, a chocolate fountain, bar catering – all this will make the holiday elegant and memorable.

Party in Greek style

If you choose what style to throw a party in, a bright idea would be to “journey” to Greece. It is very easy to find clothes for such a holiday – light beach tunics or loose cotton shirts are suitable for girls, and guys can build themselves a tunic from several meters of white fabric, fastening its ends on the back with pins.

To decorate the room, you can find plaster busts – they are sold in needlework stores. Posters depicting ancient gods, old vases and lamps, candles and flowers are also perfect.

The menu for a Greek party is easy to compose – prepare a Greek salad, canape with cheese, olives and tomatoes, offer guests seafood in a lemon dressing for hot. The main drink of the evening will be red and white wine.

Awaken the spirit of competition among guests, organize sports competitions – your own Olympic Games with laurel wreaths for the winners. The evening can be completed with a friendly sirtaki dance, this national Greek dance can be performed by everyone after watching any video on YouTube.

Party around the world

This idea is perfect for throwing a surprise birthday party for an avid traveler. Guests will be able to visit different parts of the world and learn the traditions of different countries without leaving the walls of the loft. Choose 3-5 states that the birthday boy likes and organize several thematic zones. Let each reflect the culture and traditions of the chosen people, their music, history, clothes and hobbies. You can arrange a quiz, during which guests will learn interesting facts about the life of other countries, and also come up with tasks in the form of forfeits, for example, dance Argentine tango or play the African drum.

To treat the guests, buffet catering will be an excellent solution – order dishes from various cuisines of the world and decorate each table in the appropriate style.

The Vampire Diaries Party

What kind of birthday party can you throw for a Vampire Diaries fan? Most likely, he will be pleased with the holiday in the style of “vamp”!

The loft can be decorated with posters with the characters of the series, artificial web and bat figurines.

The main colors of the party will be black and red. However, it is not necessary to wear special costumes – all the heroes of the series looked like ordinary schoolchildren. But you will definitely need makeup – apply a lot of light powder to make your face porcelain-pale. You can draw red streaks near the eyes that appeared on the characters when they were angry. The main attribute is false fangs, they can be bought at the prank shop.