Pajama party script

The pajama party script for the birthday of a girl of 8-10 years old can be traditional or themed. Depending on the interests of the birthday girl and her girlfriends, you can organize a holiday in different styles. Thematic quest for children is gaining more and more popularity. A maximum of attributes has already been prepared – pillows, blankets, pajamas, soft toys, mysterious lighting. It remains to choose entertainment.

“Sleepy Kingdom” – entertainment

1. “Sleeping Nesmeyana”

The competition is fun when the driver lies down and pretends to be asleep, and the participants alternately try to “wake her up”, that is, make her open her eyes or laugh. You can tell jokes, sing songs with a funny voice, bring a tasty-smelling treat to your nose. The only condition is not to touch the Nesmeyana, not to tickle or scare.

2. “Fantastic dream”

Game – Fantastic Dream The game is more relaxed, but no less exciting. Girls are given notes with the names of fairy-tale characters, favorite characters or small soft toys. The presenter begins to tell: “Once I had a dream, as if I were Cinderella and got to the ball. There I was met by a beautiful … “.

The continuation of sleep is told by all the children in turn. For example, if the next participant has a piece of paper or an elephant toy, she continues: “Beautiful elephant. He rolled me on his back and tried to dance with me, but he crushed my legs.” It is important that players make sure to come up with some kind of Cinderella action with their character.

“Rainbow colors” – creativity

You can arrange a rainbow pajama party, which will include games:

  • “Draw a birthday girl with closed eyes”;
  • “Rainbow makeup” (girls will be able to try themselves as stylists with the help of face painting);
  • “Edible rainbow” (choose dishes from the buffet table that correspond to the seven colors of the rainbow);
  • “Fashion rainbow collection” (competition of the most beautiful pajamas with defile). Pajamas in a pajama party play one of the main roles.

Traditional Pajama Party Contests

Girls In addition to congratulating the birthday girl, eating sweets, having fun chatting and listening to your favorite music, exciting games and contests are held at the pajama party, which everyone knows well: “Ring-ring”, “Brook”, “Stone, scissors, paper”. But competitions that adults themselves can come up with will not be superfluous.

1. Piggly Wiggly

Entertainment always goes with a bang. Girls hide under blankets and bedspreads, lying on their stomachs or on their sides. The driver, who left the room during hide-and-seek, sits down on any hillock she likes, and the girl from under the covers says: “Oink-oink.” The driver must recognize her by her voice.

2. “Give me the sock!”

Entertainment for the most cheerful and active. Players put on socks on half the foot. The main goal is to pull the sock off the girlfriend’s leg, while remaining in her socks. The sock fight continues as the music plays.

Interesting! In socks, you can put pieces of paper with numbers written on them for a win-win lottery in advance. At the end of the game, the girls take out notes and receive small gifts corresponding to the numbers.

3. Pillow fight

Entertainment is an indispensable attribute of every pajama party. It is advisable to remove from the room all fragile items that can break or break during noisy play.

Highlights of the evening

To calm down a little cheered up friends, adults can organize quiet entertainment. These can be karaoke, watching videos on YouTube (it is better for parents to familiarize themselves with their content in advance), board and outdoor games – Twister, Munchkin and the like.

Surprise will be a master class

Master class: sock toys Its idea depends on the wishes of the birthday girl and the interests of her friends. For example, from socks prepared for the competition, you can make a funny soft toy under the guidance of your mother. To do this, you will need: synthetic winterizer or cotton wool, decorative details (eyes, spouts, sponges, colored woolen threads, beads, sequins), threads, needles, glue. Girls’ fantasy is not limited to anything – they can create an animal, a favorite cartoon character or a fantastic creature. Toys at the end of the holiday guests take with them.

Tip for adults

The preparation of a pajama party, although it involves the participation of a small hostess of the holiday, mostly falls on the shoulders of the parents. In addition to preparing attributes, premises, treats, they will need to coordinate with the invited parents the opportunity to stay overnight (this is another pajama party tradition), clarify if any of the children are allergic to any products in order to exclude them from holiday menu.

Of course, girls want independence, but the responsibility for the safety of guests still lies with adults. Therefore, it is better for one of the parents to take on the role of host of the party. He will be able not only to entertain the girls, but also to keep the situation under control.

A party in pajamas at a girl’s birthday party is a great way to diversify your impressions and recharge with positive.