Magic show for kids

I have a difficult relationship with birthdays. I don’t like to “cover the clearing” at work and banal congratulations on the wall in Vkontakte, but I always try to organize something unusual for my friends on my birthday. I must admit that sometimes diiiko has no time, sometimes it’s insanely lazy, sometimes you want to spit on everything and say that “I don’t want to order, it’s better to organize a holiday on any other day just like that”, and sometimes original ideas just don’t come to mind and even Pinterest does not save.

For those who are tormented by similar thoughts and feelings, I am ready to share the ideas of those parties that I organized for my birthdays.

Role-playing game

It was at the institute. We celebrated a birthday with my classmate, somehow magically pushed about thirty people into my three-room, but small apartment and staged (don’t laugh!) role-playing game. In theory, a role-playing game could be taken ready-made, but we decided to come up with the whole plot on our own. The script was not particularly intriguing, but each of the guests received a description of their role (there was an elderly millionaire, young hunters for his inheritance, a Greenpeace fan and a lover of furs) and had to fulfill their goals. We, as birthday girls and authors of the story, played the role of journalists, filmed it all on camera and interviewed the participants in the events on a rolling pin instead of a microphone. The alcohol was strong and it was clearly enough. The heroes of the drama (and not all of the guests were familiar with each other) quickly dispersed through the rooms and got to know each other. I remember that even the defender of animals made friends with the lady in the fur collar.


If the budget allows, then you can already invite professionals to host an interesting game, which I did in 2010. Once again, the end of May was approaching, and once again I puzzled over how to arrange such an interesting game for my friends on my birthday. This time I did not come up with the script myself, but ordered the organization and conduct of a pro quest. We all reincarnated as actors, actresses, screenwriters who came to the hotel for testing and further filming of the film, but our task was to find the killer of the director. In parallel, we still somehow managed to take part in the auditions for the role of the main character of the film. Great pastime: on the one hand, a great opportunity to be at the table (well, you understand me), on the other hand, to move your brains and participate in the action, but without jumping in bags.

If you want to order a quest, I recommend contacting the guys from Questime. Their representative offices are located in many cities of Russia, as well as in Kyiv, Astana and even New York. I personally know the founders. They are passionate about what they do, so I highly recommend it.

Party at the Jolly Roger

It was 2007, the day before my birthday, another film from the series about the pirates of the Caribbean came out in Russian cinemas. To this topic, I decided to time the theme of the celebration. The evening began with a joint trip to the cinema, and then we sat down in a small company in the restaurant “Jolly Roger” with the appropriate interior, which I had previously found. It was a long time ago, but if I remember correctly, in addition to the feast itself, I organized a mafia game, which I remade in a pirate style with black marks, a ship’s doctor and a cabin boy. There were also small gifts for the participants – some simple souvenir with images of the Pirates of the Caribbean.