Kids party planning magic and balloons

To arrange a real party for a child, not limited to the usual gatherings at the table – it’s worth it! The kid will certainly appreciate your efforts spent on organizing the holiday. And he will not only be very pleased. Children who feel such care, as a rule, grow up to be more attentive and caring towards others.

Planning a kids party

The secret to a good party is always careful planning. We recommend that you start planning your children’s party a month or at least three weeks before the event. Another good tip is to keep it simple. A holiday for a child of any age should be simple and fun. The main thing is to have friends, sweets and gifts on this day!
Choosing a holiday theme
Theme is like a recipe for planning a party. It’s much easier to come up with something interesting if you know where to think. The theme may be simple (pirates, Disney princesses, etc.), but if the whole party is sustained in this theme – from invitations to games and treats – it will become an unforgettable experience for your child and his guests.

Decorate the house for the holidays

There are some simple and versatile ways to decorate the house for a kids’ party.

An incredibly easy way to decorate your house for the holidays is to buy or order helium balloons with delivery at a low price and simply fill the room with them. Helium balloons can simply hang from the ceiling, or photographs, pictures and other little things can be tied to their strings. At the end of the holiday, you can give such a ball to each little guest.

Or take simple balloons, rub each of them with one side on a synthetic fabric and attach it to walls, furniture, doors. Thanks to electrostatic energy, the balls will stay in place for several hours, and for children it’s like magic.

Sprinkle confetti on the table, window sills, and other surfaces. Also, confetti can be wetted and glued to the glass of windows and cabinets.

Buy pretty paper napkins that match the theme of the party. They are useful not only for the festive table. With a couple of these napkins, cover (cover) a telephone directory or a shoe box – you will get a kind of pedestal. Place a pre-ordered themed cake or other theme-setting party centerpiece on this pedestal.

Guest List

If you plan to hold all sorts of games and competitions where the kids will need to split into two teams, help the child make a list of an odd number of guests. In this case, together with your baby, an even number of participants will turn out and no one will be offended. This also applies to games and competitions that are held in pairs.


Invitation cards are a child’s first chance to create an impression of their party. Be sure to include the name of your child, the location of the celebration, the day and time, and the time when you need to take guests home on the invitations. Also, just in case, include your phone number on each postcard so that the parents of your little guests can contact you. If younger guests need to dress according to a certain dress code or bring something with them for games or competitions, be sure to indicate this on the invitation card as well.