Pajama Party Scenario: Have fun girls!

You can arrange a holiday at home, which is guaranteed to please everyone. A pajama party for children is an original option for celebrating the birthday of a schoolgirl and her best friends. Relaxed atmosphere, light meals, free outfits, exciting competitions and a lot of fun – what else do you need for a party?


A pajama party is held, as a rule, in the evening, at the home of the hero of the occasion or in a room specially organized for this. You don’t need fancy outfits, pajamas and slippers are enough. Pointless tedious solemn speeches will replace jokes, riddles and contests. Instead of traditional salads, hot and cake with candles – chips, pizza, rolls, burgers and lemonade. Everything that is so harmful, but terribly tasty, especially in the company of girlfriends. And – definitely! – pillows. Without them, a pajama party simply will not take place.

How to properly prepare for a party

A pajama party for schoolgirls, albeit in a casual format, requires thorough preparation. The pajama party checklist should contain the following items:

  • room;
  • decor;
  • poster;
  • invitations;
  • dress code;
  • treat;
  • music;
  • contests, games.

So, a step-by-step preparation plan is outlined. It is necessary to take into account all the nuances that a pajama children’s party involves.

Make a party tentHave a pajama party style birthday party perfect at home. Moreover, only one room will be involved, since the events of the evening do not provide for active movements. You can decorate it together with the birthday girl, according to her sketches. Blankets and pillows will be required. Small pillows are great. If there are not enough, you can ask guests to bring a few with them. All the action will take place on the floor, so you will need at least a carpet.

Improvised tents, tents, soft toys will help to create the right atmosphere. It doesn’t hurt to think about lighting. In addition to the ceiling light, floor lamps, sconces, and nightlights are useful. And it is better if they are with the effects of the starry sky, snowfall, flames. A disco ball is suitable for dancing.

In addition to “sleepy” paraphernalia, you can decorate the walls and ceiling with balls, stars, according to the season – with flowers, leaves, snowflakes. The whole room will turn into a photo zone, and it will be possible to take endless pictures and videos about the holiday.

If the size of the room does not allow for “roaming”, parents can take care of renting a room for a “pajama” style party.


Does the birthday girl have the ability to draw or like to do something with her own hands? Invitations or birthday announcements can be made independently. Will they be in the form of pillows, hearts, stars, the hostess of the party will choose herself. It is important that the text of elegantly decorated invitations reflect:

  • date and time of the event;
  • the address where the pajama party will take place;
  • dress code;
  • items to bring with you.

Funny advertising slogans on the poster will add interest to the holiday: “We will have fun and overeat pizza!”, “Each girlfriend – with her own pillow!”, “Entrance password – pajama party”.

If there are not enough creative ideas, you can buy ready-made invitations or print templates on a color printer by typing the original text on them.

Each elementary school student has a telephone and, accordingly, communication occurs more often through it. It is enough to create a chat for prospective guests, download a suitable picture and invite the girls. In the same chat, you can discuss the ideas of the upcoming party.


Delicious Pajama Party TreatsPerhaps the sweetest moment for parents is that pajama parties don’t have to bother with the tedious preparation of holiday meals. After all, you can’t put hot plates and salads on the floor. Traditional treats are pizza, rolls, sandwiches, sweets, muffins, fruits, chips, juice, lemonade. Everything can be ordered from a food-tested delivery service. It can also be a fruit party and the treat is your favorite fruit sandwiches.

A serving or coffee table will come in handy, on which food and drinks are placed. Guests just have to come and choose their favorite treat. And don’t forget disposable tableware and wet wipes.


Even those mothers and fathers who are sure that they know their child and do not lose trust with him will be surprised if their daughter refuses children’s music for a party. 8-10-year-old girls consider themselves quite adults so as not to be a fan of cartoon soundtracks.

Every self-respecting third grader can easily create a playlist for her birthday from popular tracks and videos from Likee, TikTok and YouTube.